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Obedience & Behavior

By far the most sought after aspect of training. We all have something that we wish our dog would or wouldn't do with varying severities of course. Our main goal is the preservation of a healthy relationship between you and your dog. Rather than simply add or remove the behavior we will work with you to understand what the cause was in an effort to proactively diminish the possibility for reoccurrence.


Puppy Development

As with everything in life we realize that its easier to keep up than to catch up. The critical stages of development in your puppy lay the foundation for any future behavior. Rather than standardize the development, we approach in a manner that allows the pup to learn at its own pace with our guidance serving only as brackets, this way we can ensure proper natural development of foundational life skills.


Personal Protection

We don't believe in a frame for training. We will asses your needs and only then find and CREATE your dog. Dogs presented are rigorously and realistically tested where we attempt to answer the question "Will this dog reliably protect what I value most?" If the answer is anything other than yes then the dog isn't selected. Our selection process allows us to ensure that you and yours can trust in the protective abilities of their best friend if the time comes.