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Tracking / Trailing

There's no denying that the dog was designed to follow a scent. We realize this is a natural behavior and don't "Train" the dog to follow a scent, instead we strengthen & mold this natural behavior to suit todays environments.  Given the complexity of this discipline we also train in the art of Man Tracking to help our K9 partners find the target. Whether you're looking for an escaped suspect or a missing person, we can help you count on your dogs to perform when it matters most.

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It's no secret that the presence of a K9 is a powerful deterrent to the person on the wrong end of the leash. We realize that sometimes a deterrent isn't enough and more importantly we realize the repercussions of sending a K9 out on the street that isn't ready. Rest assured the training here is created to prepare your K9 for real world deployments and nothing less. We ensure that the handler is aware of every aspect of apprehension before any release in order to protect everyone involved.



One of the most crucial components of any K9 team. Whether its narcotics, explosives, mold, or even bed bugs, we train our dogs for real world deployments. We acknowledge their shortcomings and realize that only through a fundamental understanding of the anatomy and nasal capabilities of the dog can we assist our K9 and place the nose where it should be to help get the job done.